White Star Running is offering virtual races to raise funds for local foodbank

White Star Running Virtual Race Medals

With all running races cancelled for the foreseeable future thanks to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), many race event companies are opting to go virtual. White Star Running, based in Dorset, has introduced a virtual race option to benefit its local foodbank who are suffering in the wake of the global pandemic.

By offering the option to earn one of a huge choice of stunning, bespoke medals, the trail running events company are hoping to encourage people to stay active, while raising essential funds for those in need.

As with all virtual races, participants should be mindful of the government’s current social distancing guidelines. For those who are able, healthy and well, running outside remains an option. Just be sure to run alone, or with minimal other people at a safe distance from each other. If running outside is not an option, there is always a treadmill, if you have access to one. Or get creative with the space you have available in your own home or garden.

Staying active helps with mental health and well-being, and a virtual race can help you to stay motivated and inspired to keep running.

How do the White Star Running virtual races work?

Virtual races have been around for a while now. White Star Running has even been known to host a few. This is the first time that it has opened up such a wide range of medals to earn.

The team at White Star Running have leftover medals from previous races, which they don’t want to see go to landfill. Apart from contributing to a global waste problem, these medals are just too damn pretty to be thrown away. Neither does anyone want to see them on a shelf gathering dust.

Available via the race company’s sister venture, White Star Clothing, there are a huge number of medals to choose from. Prices vary depending on the weight of the medal (some of them are pretty huge!), and range from £13 to £15.

You also get a free multi-way headband (a ‘muff’) as an added incentive. Anyone of age age can take part. Plus, one lucky entrant will receive a huge bonus prize of five free races in 2021, along with a few White Star Clothing goodies. The prize bundle is worth over £250.

What do I have to do to earn my medal?

Once you have selected a medal and checked out, you then need to earn it! The basic rules are as follows:

  • Run or walk as far as you can in the month that you enter
  • The minimum distance to earn a medal is 1 mile. This can be achieved indoors in you’re self-isolating. Be creative!
  • 20% of funds raised will be donated to the Bournemouth Foodbank. There is a donation page on the Bournemouth Foodbank website for anyone who wishes to give a little extra to its heroic efforts
  • You will need to submit your miles as proof before your medal is sent out. See the Terms and Conditions to find out more

About the charity

The team at White Star Running spent some time talking to the Bournemouth Foodbank in Dorset. They help local people in crisis, such as local families living in poverty and those who are homeless.

The spread of COVID-19 is hitting them hard, so White Star Running really wanted to help. The funds raised will be helping to support the important work of the foodbank. Rather than donating the cash, the White Star Running will be purchasing essential and much-needed foods directly and delivering them to the foodbank. This is so that it saves the foodbank team the time and manpower when they are already overstretched, and gets them the products they need the most.

About White Star Running

White Star Running is a group of friends who like running, organising races with a cake and a drink afterwards. White Star Running aims to organise fun, sociable and value for money running events, for runners of all abilities, with no corporate claptrap. They believe in races that are tough, marshals who are friendly, views that are awesome and beer that is cold.

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