White Star Clothing gaiters review

White Star Clothing peacock gaiters

If you’re a trail runner, chances are you’ll have spotted gaiters on the feet on some fellow runners. These simple accessories cover the top part of your shoe and ankle to prevent debris getting in. In this gaiters review, we look at how they work and explore the latest offerings from White Star Clothing.

If you’re running in a location that has sand, gravel or dirt, they can be invaluable. There is nothing fun about having to stop mid-race to take off your trail shoes to tip out an annoying stone!

Gaiters are certainly not an essential, but a handy extra for the right conditions. If you’re running in warmer weather, some runners don’t like the way they trap in heat. They can make feet feel uncomfortably hot. On the other hand, in colder conditions, they can be a real blessing as an extra layer.

White Star Clothing Gaiter packs

Colourful gaiter designs

We reckon it’s worth having a pair or two to hand. That way, you can gauge ground conditions and make your mind up as to whether to wear them. These ones from White Star Clothing are pretty new to the market.

For just £15 a pair, you can choose from a whole range of designs and patterns. These gaiters are handmade for the company, and they come in two sizes. They are held in place with a hook at the front that goes over your laces, and hook-and-loop strip system at the back.

WSR Cow Gaiters

It can take a little time to get your trail shoes set up to attach the gaiters, but it’s all very simple. A handy video on the website shows you what to do.

We handed a pair of gaiters to a trail runner to get their feedback on the design in action. Here is her White Star Clothing gaiters review.

White Star Clothing gaiters review

Words by Denise Barnes

I never run off road without wearing a pair of gaiters. I was getting bored of alternating between the pairs I already own, so decided to invest in a pair of White Star Clothing’s Flagship (blue with white stars) gaiters. As I wear size 6.5 in trainers, I ordered the Small. I would order the Large if I wore a size 7 though.

The key differences to those I already own are that the hook on the front faces down, and there is a piece of elastic that runs under the sole of your trail shoes and attaches via hook-and-loop tape to the side of the gaiter.

On first impression, I thought they’d never stay attached to my laces because of the position of the hook – and I had no idea what the elastic was for! I decided to trial them on a muddy, wet run. As soon as I hit the first patch of mud, it became clear why the elastic was there and the direction of the hook was in a much better position than my current gaiters.

White Star Clothing gaiters review

Fit and comfort

These gaiters fit nice and securely around your ankles, so you don’t need to pull them back into position when you run. The piece of elastic kept the gaiters tight to my trail shoes, so there is no chance of any mud getting up and underneath them.

Wearing my current gaiters, I would struggle to unhook them from my laces because the hook attaches to the front of the trainer underneath the laces. Cold hands plus lots of mud makes it a mission to take them off. With the White Star Clothing gaiters, you only need to pull on the front of the gaiters and the elastic cord to remove them. For this reason alone, I would recommend them.

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