What are the best sunglasses for runners?

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The yellow ball of heat has returned to UK skies! Well, for now at least. Finding decent sunglasses for runners is harder than it might seem. They need to be sweat proof, bounce proof, water proof, comfortable, attractive and affordable. Not too much to ask is it? 

Here we have a quick round up of some of the best sports sunglasses available now, but let us know if we’ve missed out your favourites! Even if the sun goes back in again, sunglasses are a handy part of your spring running kit. They can help with hayfever symptoms, stopping flies from hitching a ride on your eyeball or masking the signs of a hangover…

Here’s our guide to sunglasses for runners.

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Goodr Sunglasses

goodr sunglasses for runnersWhat’s good about them: These sunglasses for runners are brilliant for those who want something that stands out. They are packed with running-specific features, such as polarised lenses to block out glare, UV400 sun protection, non-slip (even if you’re sweaty) and a comfortable fit that doesn’t bounce. But the main reason to love them are the quirky names (‘Flamingos On a Booze Cruise’ anyone?) and out-there designs.

Price: From £25


Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses

oakley sunglasses for runners

What’s good about them: These are not cheap sunglasses – but they will last you years and years, so they are a good investment. The frame is highly durable, the lens are super strong and they have 100% protection from UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light. If you need impact protection, then these babies are definitely a good shout. They look pretty good too!

Price: £95


Sunwise Wild Sunglasses

sunwise sunglasses for runners

What’s good about them: If you don’t want to spend too much on sunglasses for running, these could be a good option. These are British designed specs that offer a wraparound fit for active people, and have a retro styling. They are lightweight, but still durable, for a pretty good price.

Price: £20


dhb Clark Revo Lens Sunglasses

dhb sunglasses for runners

What’s good about them: You could get away with wearing these for casual wear as well as running, but they have been designed for activity. They have a retro look (which seems to be a theme of sunglasses for runners right now). The Revo lenses are best for bright lighting conditions.

Price: £30


Tifosi Eyewear Crit Matte Smoke Fototec Sunglasses

tifosi sunglasses for runners

What’s good about them: These are more of a classic running sunglasses style and are good if you want to look ‘fast’! These are pretty tecchy specs – the Smoke Fototec lenses are more than just a tongue-twisting name; they adjust automatically with changing light conditions. Clever! The frames are described as ‘virtually indestructuble’, which is good to know but we probably wouldn’t put that to the test!

Price: £75 RRP (but at the time of writing, they have 20% off, making them £59.99)


Image by SplitShire from Pixabay