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Virtual Running Events

Andy from Virtual Running Events explains the popularity behind the concept of virtual races. Could they can help you meet your running goals in 2020? 

Running is becoming the sport of choice for more and more people. As its popularity has risen, so has the desire for companies like With everyone having the ability to train on their own, with friends and attend official races, you might ask why the demand is so high for virtual ones at all.

In this blog, we’re exploring some of the reasons and getting to grips with why the market is so big.

My story

Being a runner myself, I remember what it was like starting out. The determination to follow a training plan in preparation to attend my first race, running the race, feeling on top of the world. But in the back of mind, I worried I was the slowest person out on the track. Looking around me, others were clearly feeling uncomfortable too, especially ones who were now walking towards the finish line.

Looking back on the whole experience, I noticed runners who were struggling with the crowds, and ones who had underestimated the distance or running conditions. While being spurred on by the crowd, their faces told you the full story of how they were feeling.

This was my first look into why we need companies like Virtual Running Events. Our company exists to motivate, support and provide these runners with the glory they deserve.

I launched the company back in September 2016 when my passion for running became apparent and my desire to support other runners to be the best they can be was forefront of my mind.

Speaking to our customers about why they enter our events, I found that many were due to the reasons above. But also because races can be so expensive; they don’t have the ability to travel to them; and some have work/life commitments that block out their time to attend. Bad experiences at races can be a factor too, with lots of people too scared to try again. However, many of our customers also run organised races – some are even ultra runners – so why do these people enter our events?

Why virtual running?

Virtual Running Events exists for anyone and everyone who has one need: something to push themselves to get out there and run, sustain motivation and keep going when times get hard. When you’re in the middle of a big training plan, losing that will to keep going is very easy. The drive disappears, there feels like no light at the end of the tunnel and time drags. Knowing you’ve committed to a medal entry forces you to keep going.

Whether it’s a training plan for a 10K or a 50-mile race, there are medals to suit everyone during that period where you’re working hard but the race is far away.

Let’s face it, though, there is another reason why people buy our medals too… organised race medals are not always the most beautiful! They can be mass produced, some with very little thought and even ones that aren’t branded in any way with the race name. They can be bland, boring and disappointing – not what you want when you’ve worked so hard to earn it!

We often receive evidence for runs that are from organised races as the customer is purchasing a medal to celebrate their race success, purely because the one at the end was so dire.

Virtual Running Events

Medal design

A lot of work goes into designing our medals. We spend hours working on them to make them topical, fit our style of brand and, most importantly, to make them stunning! We’ll redesign a medal as many times as it takes to make it utterly perfect. Plus, we have incredibly high standards and it takes a lot to get our seal of approval.

Purchasing a medal from Virtual Running Events gives you the assurance that you’ll only receive what we’d be happy to proudly display ourselves. Our customer service is high, from an easy-to-use website, to free UK delivery and a gorgeous ebib for your virtual race. We also offer a very quick despatch and turnaround time once you submit your evidence – no need to wait until the end of the event time frame to receive it.

Open to all

We post worldwide too, meaning everyone can take part. We run regular competitions to win free entries into races (keep an eye on social media!). Also, we reward our customers with sales and discount codes they can use throughout the year.

Our very happy customers that return time and time again show that we continuously strive to be the best virtual racing company there is. With over 15 different events available all year, why not take a look at what events are available right now?

We have different medals all the time, from detailed metal-only medals, to ones covered in glitter and everything else in-between. We make sure there is always a medal to suit everyone’s style and taste; after all, variety is the spice of life!

Why not give a go, join us on our social media platforms and invite your friends too – the more the merrier!

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