The best YouTube channels to watch for runners

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YouTube dominates the online video market, and there are thousands of channels dedicated to running. It’s hard to separate the good ones from the truly terrible, so it helps to have some recommendations! Here I list my top 5 YouTube channels for runners and explain why I love them. 

YouTube is a great platform to find running content, from training tips to gear reviews, to epic race reviews and inspiring interviews. These are just five channels that I subscribe to and watch regularly.


Ben Parkes

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Top YouTube channels for runners
Get inspired with Ben Parkes on YouTube

Ben Parkes is an amazing runner and a coach, with his own YouTube channel for runners. He is a sub-2.20 marathoner and has won races of all distances. Because he’s a coach, he has various running plans available to buy on his website. I love his training videos, as it gives me some new ideas for hill or interval sessions.

Ben has run some extremely tough races and 100-mile races, and these are truly inspiring. He shows the pain as well as the joys of racing. I love his motto: ‘Getting it done’ – I think we can all relate to this phrase.


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Top YouTube channels for runners
Watch everything triathlon on GTN

Even though I’m not a triathlete, I enjoy watching GTN or Global Triathlon Network on YouTube. Its running content is really good, everything from stretches to getting a 5K PB. As well as its running videos, I also find the cycling and swimming videos informative too.

Many of us runners might not be interested in completing a triathlon, yet we still swim and cycle for crosstraining. So getting tips on how to improve at these disciplines is a benefit. Plus, who wouldn’t like to look at some mega-expensive bikes!

GTN often has professionals giving tips or insight into their world and I find this fascinating, as they are just on a different level. GTN covers the World Ironman Championships in Hawaii and watching the immense physical feat these sports people go through is truly inspiring.

Wild Ginger Running

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Top YouTube channels for runners
Wild Ginger Running is full of enthusiasm

If you’re looking for YouTube channels for long-distance runners, this could be for you. Wild Ginger Running is a trail and ultramarathon channel run by Claire, who just seems so lovely. Claire’s enthusiasm shines through when she’s talking about great kit, amazing races and her love of trail running. Her kit reviews are the best on YouTube for me, especially when she does comparisons such as the best walking poles. Claire is also very honest when it she reviews kit that she doesn’t like or doesn’t live up to the job.

Claire interviews a number of specialists in their field on the channel, which are very interesting, and it’s easy listening while cooking in the kitchen. She asks brilliant questions because she is a runner, however if you’re listening live you can ask a question too.

If you’re a Patreon member for Wild Ginger Running, you can be in the chance of winning running products every month.

James Dunne

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Top YouTube Channels for runners
Become a stronger runner with James Dunne

James Dunne from Kinetic Revolution is a sports rehabilitation expert with a fantastic YouTube channel for runners. His channel is the place to go for information on how to become a stronger runner. James’ expert knowledge on runners, the body and injury is second to none. His channel is packed with information ranging from calf-strengthening exercises to improving your running technique. I really like that his videos are extremely short, yet he packs in all the appropriate information.

His 30-day transform your running program is extremely popular with runners and, amazingly, it’s free! It takes you from stretches and mobility work, to strengthening and running drills. I highly recommend it. I try to do the challenge a couple of times a year as it’s great to have a structured program to follow and it refreshes your memory.

Natacha Oceane

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Top YouTube Channels for runners
Great workouts for runners from Natacha Oceane

Not strictly a YouTube channel for runners specifically, Natacha and her channel is just so much fun! You can’t help but be motivated by her. What I like about Natacha is her relationship with training and how she makes it fun, interesting and diverse.

Alongside her normal training she tests various fitness ideas, such as fasted cardio and how sleep affects performance. Natacha loves to challenge herself – she’s run a marathon on no training and completed the US Army fitness test, for example.

She is open and honest about her old self and mistakes she made with food and training. The main reason why Natacha stands out from so many other fitness experts on YouTube is that she’ll always refer to scientific data and peer-reviewed papers when discussing various topics, which means you’re getting the correct scientific information.

Even though I’ve just picked five YouTube channels for runners here, there are few others that I watch as well. For example, Gwen Jorgensen, Running Physio and The Running Channel. We’d love to hear from you if you follow any good YouTube channels for runners, so pop them in the comments below.

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Main image by Tymon Oziemblewski from Pixabay