Thursday, January 21, 2021
Spartan Race

running underwear

One man’s journey to find the perfect running pants

What pants you put on to go for a run is probably not the most exciting thought you could ever have. But wear the wrong under garments for your run and you'll soon know about it. Here is a...

Runderwear review – female running underwear

Finding the right underwear for running can be a difficult task – no one wants to chafe on their long runs. In this Runderwear review, we take a look at three different products from the brand's female running underwear...

T8 running pants – a review

Pants are just pants, right? Except when they’re not. The right pants for runners can make a huge difference to your running experience. This is especially true if you’re into long distances or starting to build up your monthly...
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Running your first ever race? Here are some tips and advice to help the day go smoothly.

We all remember how nervous we felt about taking part in our first running race. In this blog I...
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