Thursday, January 20, 2022
Spartan Race


361° Taroko 2 trail running shoes review

We love trail running here at Run Deep. There are more shoes on the market than ever, aimed at trail runners of all abilities. We’ve already had the chance to test 361°’s road shoes (the Strata 3 and the...

361° Meraki 3 running trainer review

A neutral running shoe that's built for speed, looks stylish and reasonably priced? Colour us interested. Here's our 361° Meraki 3 running trainer review. Once upon a time I was a one-running-shoe kind of runner. I had a gait test...
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Running your first ever race? Here are some tips and advice to help the day go smoothly.

We all remember how nervous we felt about taking part in our first running race. In this blog I...
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