Steve Edwards set to make history by running his 900th marathon race in record average finish time

Steve Edwards race picture

Steve Edwards, 57, from the Cotswold village of Longborough is set to become the first person on the planet to average under 3hrs 20min for 900 official marathon races when he runs his 900th 26.2-mile race on Saturday 22nd February 2020 at Walton on Thames.

It will mark a significant landmark on an incredible journey that started back in 1988. Steve embarked on what seemed like a then-impossible task to become the first person to run 500 official marathons under 3hrs 30min.

However after achieving that feat in 2012, Steve decided to try and raise the bar even higher by pushing for even more records. To that end, he has since set landmark records for running 600, 700 and 800 marathons in the fastest average finish times. Out of his total of marathon finishes, he’s run 325 sub-3:15s, the most by any British athlete. He’s also run 500 sub-3:20s and nearly 800 sub-3:30s, both of which are world bests. His current average finish time for all 899 marathons is a staggering 3hrs 19min 18sec.

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Looking ahead to 900

Commenting before Saturday’s monumental landmark record, Steve Edwards who runs for local club North Cotswold Tri & Run, said: “I know I’m not getting any younger. The wear and tear from almost 39 years of long-distance running is now starting to take its toll. So although my finish times have slowed in recent months, I’m absolutely delighted to have come this far with that sort of average finish time. I could never have imagined achieving that when I first started out. People ask what the secret is, but to be honest there really isn’t one – just plain old hard work and dedication. I do, however, owe a lot to my fantastic wife Teresa. She’s supported me throughout and attends almost every race I run. I know that I couldn’t have achieved all that I have without her love and support”.

Ultimately, Steve hopes he can push towards what many in the sport have described as the ultimate multi-marathon world record: running 1,000 marathons averaging under 3hrs 30mins. Another feat that hasn’t yet been achieved by anybody. Steve described the last 100 races as the toughest he’s ever run, but knows the last 100 will be even tougher. Not only physically, but also mentally, with the discipline of having to train day in, day out, week after week, for another 2-3 years, while trying to remain injury free and healthy.

Time will tell if he is to succeed, but as Steve always tells people: “I’ll just continue to take it a mile at a time and race at a time, and see what happens.”

Steve Edwards 750th marathon finish

Steve Edwards is fundraising for Kate’s Home Nursing charity. Please support the 1,000-marathon challenge by making a small donation to: