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My running kit wishlist

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Olivia Higginson
Olivia can usually be found running around the East Devon countryside with her fellow club runners. She has raced all distances from 5K to 50K, but her favourite distance is a half-marathon. Her dream would be to run in races around the world. Olivia is also a Sports Therapist, assisting runners to keep on running.

We have all have wishlist of running kit that we’d love to own one day. Our writer Olivia has put together a list of the top four items on her running wishlist right now! 

Having already thought about my bucket list of running races, I thought I’d turn my attention to a few items of running kit I’d love to own. Only one item is super expensive; the other three are not too bad. If you already have any of these, let me know what you think!

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KitBrix Bag

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BUY ON AMAZON: KITBRIX Sports Gear Kit Bag - Waterproof Bag for Swimming, Cycling, Running, Gym, Football, Triathlon Transition, Obstacle Course Racing - Navy

The KitBrix Bag is a modular system. You can zip one bag to another to form a rucksack. Or you can just have one bag by itself. This bag is great if you’re a triathlete, as you can have a bag for each discipline. As the website says, you can have your wet wetsuit in one bag and your dry clothes in another! For us runners, we can have our dirty, sweaty trainers in one bag and our kit, or clean clothes, in another.

My Running Kit Wish List
© KitBrix

The rugged waterproof base of the bag is perfect when it comes to winter races. Plus all the pockets on the inside and outside of the bag are amazing for organising your kit. I would just start with one bag and see how I got on with it, and then decide if two bags would be better. Definitely one for my running wishlist!

Ashmei Gilet

I love all things by Ashmei, because the quality is amazing. I love Merino wool and I really like that it’s making sustainable clothing. I’m lucky I already own three pieces of running kit from Ashmei, however I would love one of the gilets – they’re not currently available though!

Ashmei Gilet
© Ashmei

Even though I do have a thin, lightweight gilet that I’ve had for years, it doesn’t add warmth. Some people wear a jacket in the winter, but I get too hot, even in the depths of winter. I just feel this thicker gilet, with a waterproof front and a soft back, would get a lot of wear. It would just add that extra layer of warmth to my chest on those cold and frosty runs. I just hope they come back in stock or it will be on my running wishlist forever!

[We did manage to find the gilet in stock at Bike24, but only in an XL!]

Inov-8 Jacket

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BUY ON AMAZON (WOMEN’S): inov-8 Inov8 Ultrashell Half Zip Waterproof Women's Running Jacket - SS21 - XS White

BUY ON AMAZON (MEN’S): inov-8 Inov8 Ultrashell Half Zip Jacket - SS21 - S White

Having just said above I don’t really wear a running jacket because I get too hot, I do feel I need a good waterproof jacket, just in case I have to race in torrential rain.

My Running Kit Wish List
© Inov-8

This Inov-8 Ultrashell Waterproof jacket has been recommended to me by Simon, a running buddy. He says it’s amazing and feels like you’re not wearing anything as it is so light (83 grams). It’s see through, which means your race number is visible through the jacket – perfect when racing. Since the recommendation, it’s been sat on my running wishlist.

Montane Prism Gloves

BUY ON AMAZON (WOMEN’S): Montane Women's Prism Glove - Small

BUY ON AMAZON (MEN’S): Montane Prism Gloves - Black, Medium

You can never have too many pairs of gloves, all with varying thickness. What thickness of glove you need depends on the outside temperature and the running session you’re doing. For example, if it’s a cold winter’s evening but you’re doing an interval session, you need a thin, light glove. However, if it’s chilly and you’re out on a long or easy run, you need a thicker, warmer glove.

My Running Kit Wish List
© Montane

I already have an array of gloves: medium thickness, thin ones, and fingerless gloves with an attached mitten. But as you see I’m missing a pair of thick gloves, for those sub-zero evening club runs. This is where the Montane Prism Gloves come in, as recommended by the runner and coach Ben Parkes. (Ben also featured in our recent YouTube channels to subscribe to blog). These gloves have a gold-level insulation, waterproof outer and a fleece liner. Which sounds perfect for freezing cold runs or post running when my hands go numb.

Maybe I will be lucky and Santa appears with one of these items at Christmas! Do you have a running kit wishlist? If so, we’d love to hear about the items on your list. Let us know in the comments below.

Photo by Fineas Gavre on Unsplash

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