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There are plenty of virtual races out there now, offering the chance to complete a personal challenge and earn a medal for your efforts. Picking which virtual race to enter is a challenge in itself, but those that offer something a little different stand out from the crowd.

Introducing a new virtual races venture Runners Who Rock, which is aimed, as the title might suggest, at runners who also have a passion for music. The company was launched by Kayleigh Hannan who stumbled across virtual racing in her bid to get fit and lose weight. She found that having a target and reward in mind helped her stick to her sessions.

As a fan of the virtual races format, Kayleigh wanted to find an event that reflected her other life’s passion – music. She describes music has a huge part of her everyday life, listening to it at home, in the car and during her workouts. In particular, she turns to rock music to inspire her.

Rocking virtual races

Sensing a gap in the market, Kayleigh formed Runners Who Rock. Not just a virtual race company, the aim is to build a community of runners who also love to rock, sharing music and opening up discussion on the tunes that power your runs. All of Kayleigh’s medals and virtual events are inspired by rock songs and accompanied by a playlist to complement it each month.

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For example, the Tusk event is inspired by a Fleetwood Mac album of the same name, released in 1979. To enter the virtual race event, you simply choose your preferred challenge (there are options for runners, cyclists, swimmers, with a range of distances starting at 5K). Tusk costs £9 to enter and this includes a colourful elephant themed medal, which is posted to you submitting evidence of completion of your chosen distance. You also receive a certificate for your chosen distance. The medal is high quality and has been thoughtfully designed, so it will look great hanging on your wall.

Virtual Race Medal and Certificate

Once you have entered a race you are emailed a link to the relevant playlists. For the Tusk challenge, we were given a link to the general Runners Who Rock playlist with over 100 songs designed to help you complete your run. There is also a link to the specific Tusk playlist, which features over 40 songs by Fleetwood Mac.

Perfect playlists

What’s great about this virtual race company is that it recognises the link between running and music. Many of us use music as a tool to motivate and inspire through our training sessions. By providing playlists, you’re encouraged to listen to these tunes as you complete your race, rediscovering old favourites or embracing music you’ve not heard before. It keeps your running varied and exciting.

Runners Who Rock is also building a fledgling online community of likeminded runners, so do check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

10% of every sale is given to charity from your entry fee. The price of entry is very reasonably too, lower than some competing virtual races. Some events start from as low as £5 and there are bigger year-long challenges available, such as completing 1,000 miles in a year.

Enter a virtual race

We know that virtual races are not everyone’s cup of tea, but they really work for many people. For those who want something to motivate them to complete a challenge, these medals can be a real reward.

You can view all the current Runners Who Rock virtual races that are available here:

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Run Deep readers can get 10% off a Runners Who Rock event by using the discount code Run10

**This is a paid promotional review. While Run Deep has received a fee to review this company, all the words are our own and reflect our honest thoughts and opinions. We only review services, events and products that we think are relevant and useful to our community**

Virtual Races Medal

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