Runderwear review – female running underwear

Runderwear Product review
Runderwear Product review

Finding the right underwear for running can be a difficult task – no one wants to chafe on their long runs. In this Runderwear review, we take a look at three different products from the brand’s female running underwear range.

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I was kindly gifted three products from Runderwear to try: two pairs of knickers and a sports bra. They are absolutely amazing. I am in love and I just want to wear them every day, not just when I am running. Both the knickers and the sports bra are just so unbelievably comfortable. I just forgot I was wearing them. They are worth every penny and I would highly recommend them – you’ll be running as free as the wind, as Runderwear products are life changing! Now read on for my more in-depth Runderwear review!

Runderwear sports bra and pants
Runderwear under review: sports bra and pants

In-depth review

I’ve known about Runderwear for some time now, seeing their posts on social media and in running magazines. I also visited their stand at the London Marathon expo earlier this year. Since then I’ve always wanted to try their products and see if they’re worth the price. So when the opportunity arose for me to try them, I jumped at the chance!

I was gifted their Original Support Running Bra and I could also choose two knickers to test out. So, I picked their G-String, and their Merino Hipster, as my bottom gets chilly on winter runs. Luckily, I can wear them all year long too, as the Merino wool mix fabric will keep me cool when it’s hot.

Runderwear pants and sports bra

On the day my Runderwear review parcel arrived I went out for a run; I was so excited to try them out. As soon as I tried the g-string and sports bra on, they felt so soft and comfortable. I just hoped they’d feel as great while I was running. I wasn’t disappointed.

Setting out on my run, I said to myself that I must concentrate my mind on my new underwear – how it feels, is it cutting in anywhere, any irritations, am I having to readjust my under garments. These thoughts lasted for about a mile, then because they’re unbelievably comfortable, I forgot I was wearing them and my mind wandered elsewhere!

Runderwear g-string review
Super comfy g-string

Worth the price?

They are all just super comfortable, soft and they don’t rub or move – I feel they’re game changing. After wearing these three products, they’ve change my attitude to specific running clothing and how you can benefit form spending a little extra money in order to run without discomfort.

I truly felt like i was running commando because the knickers felt like they were a part of me. I obviously was on the same wavelength as Runderwear, as when I got home I saw ‘Don’t run commando’ on the inside of the waistband!

Runderwear merino wool pants review
Runderwear Merino pants

Before I tried them on I was concerned the product would not deliver what the price suggests. The g-string is £16, the Merino hipster is £25 and the sports bra is £50. The sports bra is inline with other big names in running underwear, whereas the knickers are by far more expensive than I’ve been wearing (just normal ones from high street stores). But after just one run, I’m converted. If you go for the three pack of g-strings, this makes them a little more affordable.

Runderwear pants review
Rear view of the pants

Material concerns

The material for the Runderwear knickers are moisture-wicking, seamless, chafe-free, breathable and the fabric is super-soft to the touch. The durable fabric retains its shape in the wash and the ergonomic design means the Elastane works with your body and keeps the fabric in place. The g-string and the sports bra are made from Polyamide and Elastane, and the Merino knicker has the added Merino wool, which makes them feel super cosy.

To help with breathability, the sports bra has mesh panels and the knickers have sections where the material is perforated. I wore the bra and Merino knickers on a warm day, and I didn’t feel super hot or sweaty.

There are no labels to get in the way or to itch you, and along the smooth seams there is soft elastic-type ribbon which sits on your skin really comfortably.


To choose the right size of knickers for you, you put your waist and hip measurements into the sizing guide and it calculates the size for you. It suggested that I was a large, so I followed their suggestions. The large fits perfectly; they are supportive but not tight, great coverage without being too big and cutting in places. The wide waistband holds you in, is super soft and comfortable next to your skin.

Runderwear running bra
Runderwear running bra

With the bra they have the usual sizes (ie 30 A), however my contact at Runderwear asked me to give her my under-bust and over-bust measurements and she would send me the right size. In doing so I found that my chest measurement was different to what I thought, so I obviously need to be remeasured at an underwear shop! I did this and for Runderwear I am a 36B whereas I currently wear 34B in my other running bras. You can use their Runder:fit Bra Calculator to find the best size for you.

Runderwear sports bra review
Back of sports bra

I was concerned the bra would be too big, but it fits me completely. It doesn’t move or rub, plus it’s cut deep under the armpit, which I prefer. With the adjustable straps and the hook-and-eye catch on the back, you can easily and quickly adjust the bra. I feel supported and secure, yet it doesn’t annoy me across my rib cage like some bras do. When I took it off, I didn’t have any sore places, red marks or irritations, which is how underwear should be.

When I tried the hipster, it didn’t cover my bottom completely and I was convinced that on my run it would move, and I would end up adjusting them. Well, I went for a run and they stayed in place! No movement and the low cut at the top of the thigh was comfortable, and didn’t cut in or restrict my movements.


The products arrive in their own cardboard box and inside the box they are in a resealable plastic bag. Even though the plastic bag is resealable so you could use it for something else, and the bag is recyclable, I do feel like it is a slightly pointless piece of packaging.

Runderwear review packaging
Runderwear packagaing

There is one tiny gripe I have is with the sports bra and the internal padding, which does move after washing it. It’s not an unexpected side effect and happens with another bra that has padding, however you can easily adjust the padding via the slits at the side. I personally would take the padding out completely, as I don’t wear padded sports bras. I understand from Runderwear that they will be bringing out a non padded bra in 2020.


I’m a convert to the benefits of spending a few more pennies on my running underwear, and the Runderwear products I was lucky enough to review are just amazing. They are super, super comfortable. They are soft and flexible, yet they hold you in and stay in place while you run. It’s a very satisfying feeling to feel such comfort next to your skin, to run free without having to rearrange your knickers! I have never worn a pair of knickers that make you feel like you are running commando.


  • Non-slip adjustable straps (sports bra)
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Seamless
  • Mesh and perforated fabric for increased breathability
  • Chafe-free
  • Ergonomically engineered fabric
  • Wide waistband

About Runderwear

Runderwear is the UK’s number one socks and underwear brand, as voted by the UK running community, and is based in Dorset. Their aim is to produce high-performance, chafe-free comfortable underwear for runners. Their product range includes different types of underwear, socks, running bras and base layers for men and women.