Rockay Razer trail running socks review

Rockay Razor Trail Running Socks Review

You might not yet be familiar with Rockay running socks, but they are growing in popularity among trail runners. Offering comfort and practicality, while also being good for the environment, it’s not hard to see the appeal. Run Deep’s Olivia had a chance to give them a go, and here is her in-depth Rockay Razer running socks review.

I was very kindly gifted a pair of Razer socks from Rockay to review for Run Deep. Not only did the socks feel so soft and amazing to wear, but they’re also great for our oceans. The bonus is that I found I could wear them twice before washing them! Let me tell you more…

In-depth review of the Rockay Razer trail running socks

Adverts for Rockay socks had been appearing on my social media channels for some time. I was definitely interested in these blister-free socks made from ocean waste.

The fact these socks are made from recycled products really caught my eye. Like most people, I try and do what I can to help the environment: recycling, buying less plastic and shopping local.

However, I feel I should be doing more; one way is to look at the items of clothing I buy. I’m trying to buy fewer, but better-made, items of clothing and I prefer to buy from environmentally friendly brands. Not only with my general clothing, but with running kit as well. Enter Rockay – could I wear fantastic running socks and help our oceans at the same time? The company was kind enough to gift me a pair of its Razer socks so I could give them a go.

Rockay Razer Trail Running Socks Review
Rockay Razer Socks in the Navy/Blue colourway

Road test

The first run

The road test didn’t start well, as I put the socks on the wrong feet!! This mistake was noticed and rectified before the start of the run. The socks felt soft on, like fluffy towels, and made my feet feel loved. My feet felt supported and held in a friendly hug kind of way, not in a tight, compressive way.

Even though it was very hot and humid on my run, my feet never felt uncomfortable. My feet didn’t get that sweaty feeling and the socks didn’t feel wet. Even when I took the socks off, my feet still felt fresh. There were no red marks or irritation and the socks hadn’t moved.

Rockay Razer Trail Running Socks Review
Getting ready to run in the Rockay Razer socks

A second outing

The socks are treated with Polygiene, which means you can wear them more than once before washing them. I decided to test this out as I was intrigued, and didn’t trust the claims! I followed the instructions, laid the socks out to dry and reused them. It was very  impressive, as the socks had no odour, they didn’t feel damp and they just felt like clean socks. At the end of this second run, they still felt clean and could have easily been worn again!

This could definitely be a real bonus for long-distance trail runs and ultramarathons, keeping feet feeing fresh for hours on end. Plus, for multi-day events, you can get more wear out of them.

How the Rockay Razer running socks fit

I opted for the Large sizing (size 8-10.5) even though I am a size 7, purely because sometimes socks can be on the small side. The large don’t feel too big, but the medium would have been fine. The socks feel like they hugged each foot and were supportive, but not in a tight, compressive way.


The socks are super soft and just feel great next to the skin. They are made from 100% recycled materials, such as nylon and polyamide. They also have Econyl regenerated nylon made from nylon waste, such as fishing nets from the oceans, fabric scraps from the mills, or carpets destined for landfill.

Rockay Razer Trail Running Socks Review
Plastic and ocean waste is used to create Rockay running socks

The fabric is treated with Polygiene as mentioned above, which means the socks can be worn a couple of times before the need to wash them. Just lay the socks out to dry and the bacteria is absorbed by the Polygiene. This means the socks are washed less, saving washing powder, water and energy, which in turn is better for the planet. Less washing increases the lifespan of the socks too.


I love these socks and have no gripes with them. The only thing that might put people off is the cost – at nearly £17 a pair they are expensive. However, they’re on par with other high-quality running socks. You can also save money by getting the socks in multipacks of 3, 5, 9, or 12 pairs. You get a lifetime guarantee and you’re doing your bit for the environment by buying socks that have been produced from plastic waste.

If you buy Rockay products directly from, you save money every time you place an order. If you refer friends, not only do they receive a 10% discount, but your rewards balance benefits from 10% of their total spend too.

Rockay Razer Trail Running Socks Review
Other colours of Rockay Razer socks are available – this is ‘Ecowhite’

Rockay Razer running socks review: the verdict

I love, love, love these socks! These are my new favourite socks. They just feel amazing to wear as they are soft, yet supportive, and they don’t move and cause irritations. They feel like they’re hugging your feet.

It sounds weird to say, but it feels cool that you’re able to wear these socks more than once before washing them. Yes, it sounds unhygienic, but it doesn’t feel that way in reality. The socks felt and smelt fresh after wear, and it definitely didn’t feel as if you were putting on used socks.

Rockay stands out from other brands of socks because of the sustainability aspect. By buying from Rockay, you’re doing your bit for the environment and helping support the clean up of the plastic in the oceans. So far, Rockay has helped to remove 20 tons of waste from our oceans. Plus, you get to wear a pair of soft and supportive socks – with a little message inside the band.

Rockay Razer Trail Running Socks Review
Sustainable is core to the Rockay running socks ethos

Even though I had decided which pair of socks to road test, I still used Rockay’s ‘Find your perfect sock’ tool on the website. This quiz asks you a few questions such as, ‘What activity do you do?’ ‘What height of sock do you prefer?’ and ‘How much cushioning do you like?’. The quiz choose the perfect sock for me: The Razer. And this was the pair I had already decided to try.

Having pure love and joy for Rockay Razer socks, I can’t wait to buy another pair, plus the arm sleeves are on my list too. For me, Rockay fits in to my policy of buying decent running kit that will last and that in some way benefits the environment.

Rockay Razor Trail Running Socks Review
I’m in love with these trail running socks!


  • Polygiene anti-odour technology
  • The yarn is made from up-cycled ocean waste
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Seamless toe
  • Performance cushioning
  • Reflective logo
  • Breathable mesh zones
  • Arch support

About Rockay

Rockay is a premium running brand created by Daniel Chabert, with a mission to produce the best performance wear on the planet while also stopping the senseless waste and pollution of our planet. This is done by sourcing fabrics that can be recycled and by turning plastics into fabric. Rockay, and its partner Econyl, collect and reuse waste, such as fishing nets, fabric scraps and flooring, collected from the oceans and landfills.

These socks were gifted for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and the writer’s own.

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