Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Long-distance runner creates new colourful kit range

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It’s a dream come true to be able to turn your passion into a business, but that’s something that long-distance runner Nicky Chrascina has been able to achieve.

If you were at the National Running Show in January this year, your eye might have been drawn to the colourful designs of the FLANCI stand. FLANCI is a project of love and it shows in the vibrant designs of the running kit that Nicky has created.

Nicky the ultrarunner

Nicky certainly knows what she’s talking about when it comes to long-distance running and having the right kit. She has been running since her mid-20s at a time when kit choices were limited. Since then, she has always dreamed of wearing bright and colourful running clothes during her epic challenges.

Nicky will complete her 100th marathon this year and has taken part in some of the most iconic ultra-marathons on the planet. This includes the Marathon des Sables, the Grand to Grand Ultra, the Trans-Britain 150 miles and the Alps to Ocean Ultra.

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She has no plans to slow down her running adventures. Later this year, Nicky will be taking part in the King Offa Dyke’s Challenge – 182 miles over 90 hours – and the ‘Funky Leggings’ run in Kent, along with some more local races including the Giants Head in Dorset and Devon Coast to Coast.


Always on the hunt for bright and colourful running clothing, Nicky found herself bored by the endless rails of black running kit available. She employed the talents of Wellington-based designer Jan Olive to create a sportswear range for those who like their running kit to stand out from the crowds.

The activewear range is not just for runners; it has been designed for all sports people and Nicky feels like there was a real gap in the market: “I’ve always struggled to find colourful kit, and black is so boring but sometimes it’s all that’s available. FLANCI brings the beautiful designs of Jan Olive together with bright colour, and I hope that everybody – whether they’re runners, gym-bunnies, people who love yoga and Pilates, or those that just like to chill out in funky kit – can embrace our vibrant designs.”

The name FLANCI comes from Nicky and husband Alf’s names combined (an anagram of Nic and Alf). Created by runners, for runners, Nicky hopes that the affordability and quality of FLANCI products will prove a real hit.

The range is designed for both men and women, and includes leggings, capris, shorts, skorts and accessories. They have all been designed and tested by runners, so they are up to even the longest of distance-running challenges.

Take a look and see what you think: www.flanciactivewear.co.uk

FLANCI clothing range

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