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I know what you’re thinking; unless you happen to be Jessica Ennis or Dina Asher-Smith, it’s probably, ‘I am not an athlete’. However, as the Nike maxim would have us believe, ‘If you have a body, you are an athlete’. That pretty much goes for all of us. End of discussion and crippling self-doubt. Trickier to nail is the sophistication aspect. Nonetheless, continue dear reader, for I shall demonstrate that despite the fact we all feel we’re playing at this ‘adulting’ business, it is possible to appear that we’re on top of sporting accessories while simultaneously looking good and saving the planet. Thanks to La Pochette. 

The problem with current sports accessories

A few years ago, I was enjoying a cup of coffee (likely a flat white with almond milk and yak sprinkles now, but this was back in the day when you did just order a coffee), with a friend who had previously worked with me in the sports industry. We were lamenting the gap – nay, chasm – that exists regarding sophisticated accessories that could take us from running, to work, to the gym, travelling and anywhere in between.

There seemed to be a proliferation of backpacks or nylon sports bags that made us feel like we were 12, and on our way to hand in our history homework. At the other end of the scale were expensive bags or alternatively titled ‘solutions’, which cost more than a night out with P Diddy. Aside from looking quite nice, these did nothing when it came to functionality.

More than once I’ve attempted to stuff my sweaty race tee or toiletries into an impractical Marc Jacobs bag (which I bought second hand from a friend… don’t judge me!). Let’s just say sweat and shampoo do not sit well in an antique grain leather tote. Final option, the supermarket plastic bag. We’ve all been there. Not only deeply uncool (despite my crippling imposter syndrome, I am still playing at being a semi-skilled somewhat ‘fashion forward’ adult), but we can’t be seen out with one of these lest we’re vilified for being solely responsible for murdering the planet. Rightly so, one might now concede.

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While I sat back in my pyjama bottoms ruminating over my next race entry and where to stick my sweaty kit, my friend, ever the entrepreneur, decides she’s going to do something about this. Employing her expertise and contacts in both the sports and fashion industries, she sets to work. Following a great deal of hard graft, La Pochette was born.

Introducing La Pochette

“La Pochette recognises the flexibility and spontaneity we all need to achieve the active lifestyle we want. The designs are innovative, responsive and solution-led to enable and encourage balance in our fast-paced modern lives”. In other words, solutions for all of the above issues we all have in the form of TSA-cabin-approved transparent bags for travel, anti-bacterial, water-repellent and waterproof pouches, bags and purses.

Excited at the idea of winging my way through airport security in the absence of a crumpled plastic bag smeared with broken lipstick, I plumped to try out the small transparent Anywhere Everywhere bag. It fit all my ‘travel fluids’, as it were, perfectly and looks pretty swish. It wasn’t until I got to airport security, however, that I experienced the true adrenaline of seeming like one of those organised, in control, sophisticated types. Certainly the security staff seemed to think so. I swear one guy winked at me and nobody pulled out the rubber gloves. None of the fluids split, I could find everything, it was super convenient and, of course, can be used again and again.

La Pochette Anywhere Everywhere bag

Products from

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    On a roll, I then decided to try out the sweat bag. Begone crumpled-up Tesco bag with holes in, and hello stylish lightweight anti-bacterial water- and stain-resistant bag that sits nicely in my work tote. After a run during the day, stinky top and pants were deposited in said sweat bag and forgotten about. What’s more, I wasn’t afraid to open my bag and reveal the contents lest any judged me as ‘slovenly plastic bag lady’. I felt like a proper adult. A stylish, refined, cosmopolitan adult who’s working to help save the planet. I now take it to races to put my stinky race tee in after the run. Winning at life!

    La Pochette Swat Bag

    Proving popular

    What’s more, I’m clearly not the only one who thinks so. La Pochette has been featured in epic publications such as Run Deep (of course), The Times, Health & Fitness, Grazia, Conde Nast Traveler and Women’s Running. Retailers are also getting in on the act, including gyms and most recently Selfridges. Thrilling and motivating for the girl from Manchester done good, or at least that’s what we told ourselves as we enjoyed a dubious green salady thing and a fizzy mineral water at Pret to celebrate. Living it large!

    Although originally designed with women in mind, men have also been buying into the products, and of course they’re the perfect gift for Christmas or any other occasion.

    Run Deep readers get an exclusive discount code at Enter RUNDEEP10 at checkout.

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