FLANCI running skort review

flanci skort review

Run Deep’s Jo Weston has been on an eternal hunt for the perfect running skort. Close to giving up, has she finally found THE ONE in this colourful FLANCI design? 

Skorts! Who likes them? Are there any good, comfortable ones our there? Ones that don’t forever ride up when you’re trying to run? After trying many different brands over the years, I really considered that a skort may just not suit me.

I like the idea of a skort – comfortable and practical shorts for running, but with a looser skirt layer over the top. It took me a while to decide to buy a FLANCI running skort. I had numerous reasons not to, so why bother?

Initial concerns

My first concern was the price. With my previous issues of skorts not fitting, riding up the thigh and having to continually pull them down, did I want to spend that sort of money? Although, when you look into the other skorts out there, the price of the FLANCI skorts (£38.50) is very reasonable. So maybe my real first concern was around it not fitting right.

My second concern was the designs. In all honesty, they are lovely designs, but I wanted something that would be quite versatile. I wanted to be able to match with t-shirts I already owned. I settled for one of the newer designs called Chasing Unicorns. This had unicorns all over the skirt part and matching blue shorts with white stars. I can wear this with nearly all my t-shirts and vests.

When you first pick up a FLANCI running skort it feels heavy. ‘How would this feel when worn?’ I wondered. The material is lovely; it’s soft and smooth. The manufacture of them is good; great quality and no negative points to mention. Once on, the weightiness disappeared and it felt as light as a feather.

I couldn’t believe how well they fitted! I am size 12 and a Medium fitted just perfectly. Potentially even a size 14 would be able to wear this size. There is a wide range of sizes from XS (6-8) to 4XL (22-24). The inside leg measures 19cm and the skirt length is 38cm. The website does suggest that they come up large, so if you are between sizes, it’s best to size down.

flanci skort review front

The FLANCI running skort in action

When I purchased the skort, I noticed there was a pocket included on the outer part of the shorts for a mobile phone. I’ve never enjoyed running with my phone on my arm, so I was curious. Surely the phone would feel heavy on the leg and potentially work its way out? I did a thorough test of this pocket and WOW! It worked! I didn’t know I was carrying my phone and it was totally secure. There is also an additional zipped pocket on the waistband at the back for keys, etc.

FLANCI running skort review pocket

I’ve been out for a few runs now and love the FLANCI running skort. My initial reservations about the shorts riding up just doesn’t happen. I’ve had no chafing, and I’m looking forward to trying it out in the sunshine. It goes through the wash lovely and I have had to order a second one, as I’m using it for all the different gym classes I do!


Overall, I love this skort. It’s been very well designed and worth the money. If you manage to see FLANCI at an event, talk to them about the skorts – their advice is great. I’m looking forward to more designs and may now even try the capris!

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