CEP Run Compression Socks Review

CEP compression socks review
CEP compression socks review

I was lucky enough to be gifted a pair of CEP Run Compression Socks 3.0 to review. In the past, I’ve been skeptical of compression socks and always wondered if they worked. Well, I love the colour and I’ve possibly been converted even after one wear, because my lower legs felt amazing. Read on for my in-depth review of the socks. I had the women’s version in blue/grey, but there are other colours available. The socks are also available in men’s sizes and colours. 

Links to buy:

CEP – RUN SOCKS 3.0 for women | Compression sock with millimetre-precise pressure in light blue / grey, size II

CEP – RUN SOCKS 3.0 for men | Compression sock with millimetre-precise pressure in black / grey, size III

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In-depth CEP Run Compression Socks review

When I was offered a pair of compression socks, the Run Compression Socks 3.0 from CEP, I jumped at the chance to try them. I’ve been intrigued by them for years now, and always wondered if they worked. Yes, the professionals wear them and people in my running club swear by them, yet I have always been skeptical. Being a Sports Therapist, I’ve always gone with rehabilitation/strengthening exercises to treat calf issues rather than reaching for compression socks.

CEP compression socks review
The socks come in a choice of colourways

I do have a few pairs of compression tights, which I just wear post exercise as I find them super comfy, even though getting in to one pair is like trying to put on a wet suit!! So I guess it’s not a huge leap to try compression socks. Recently I have been contemplating trying some compression socks/guards, as I have had niggle in my calf for the last month.

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CEP compression socks review
Front and back of the socks

What has put me off is the price of compression socks, as I didn’t want to spend £30+ on a pair of socks. Especially if I didn’t like them or I found them too restrictive. Apart from professionals, you only really see compression socks on older runners. I guess I thought if I wore compression socks then I would feel like I was getting old.

Road test

The right outfit

For the road test I waited until I was doing a short run, just in case they caused me any irritations. The sun was out so I wore a pair of shorts, as I thought I might look silly in below the knee leggings with the long compression socks.

CEP compression socks review
Cool combo with a pair of shorts!

A few days previously I had watched the CEP YouTube video on how to put the socks on. I thought I had remembered the few tips. But as I sat on the bottom of the stairs trying to pull the sock over my heel, I wasn’t doing it as eloquently as the man in the video. Eventually I pulled them up my calf, made sure the line at the back was straight and off I went.

The run

As with all my road tests, I just try to run normally and forget about what I’m wearing. I just ran along enjoying the spring sunshine and forgot I was wearing long compression socks. When I did remember, I imaged that I was Jo Pavey – but minus her speed and technique.

I wanted to give the socks a proper test, so I tried to fit in all the hills I could in the 4 miles. Luckily I live in Honiton in East Devon and the town has plenty.

I’ve seen the light!

After this one run I can say that I am a fan of compression socks. As soon as you put on the socks your legs just feel amazing and your ankles feel really supported. They made my legs feel incredible. I felt light and bouncy, and at the end of my run my legs felt like they hadn’t run at al. The only word I can use to describe how my legs felt is ‘light’; my legs and calves felt light. Like the feeling you have a few days after a deep tissue massage; the feeling that you can run and run without getting tired legs.

After the run I didn’t have the niggle in my calf and my calves didn’t feel achey or tired. The lightness I felt in my calves continued in to the next day, even after my run with normal socks. This run had more hills, yet at the end my calves still felt good and ache free.

CEP compression socks review
Enjoy the pressure

The socks are really soft to the touch, super comfortable and not restrictive around the calf. My legs didn’t feel extra sweaty compared with shorter socks, which shows how good their fabric technology is. The socks are longer than I expected and came right up to my knee, so I was worried they might rub the back of my knee, but they didn’t.

Lastly, the colour is epic and just makes you feel happy as soon as you put the socks on. The colour makes you want to go for a run to show the socks off to the world.

CEP compression socks review
Love this colourway!


To get the right size of sock you just need to measure your calf circumference at the widest point and then use this with CEP’s measuring chart. They have female and male sizes of sock.

My calf was 37cm, which according to CEP’s size chart suggested I should get the Size III of sock, which is for calves 32-38cms. As I was towards the upper end of the size I did think that the socks would be really tight on my calves, but they’re not. They are a super comfortable fit with just the right feel of compression.

CEP compression socks review
Perfect fit

I suggest watching the YouTube clip on how to put the socks on, as it gives a really useful tip. Turn them over at the top just like if you were filling up an icing bag. The second time around I found it much easier to put the socks on and I didn’t work up a sweat!!


The socks comprise of a polyamide and elastane mix. The smart yarn has three benefits. The first assists the sock in helping to regulate your skin temperature. Benefit number two, is that it makes the sock easier to pull on to your leg. Finally the yarn is super durable which should help the socks keep their shape, and therefore their compression benefits for longer. The finish that is on the material helps to promote the evaporation of sweat, which means that the sweat doesn’t stay on the skin.


The only gripe I have is that they are quite expensive at £45.

CEP compression socks review
Best foot forward

CEP Run Compression Socks review – the verdict

What I love about the CEP Run Compression Socks

First, I love the colour of these CEP Run Compression Socks and now I want all my socks and my shorts to be this colour. Second, the socks do work; my legs felt so light after just one wear. I was skeptical and I am happy to say that I have been converted. To run a hilly route, to come home and for your legs to feel like you haven’t run is fantastic. Plus this feeling of lightness in the calves continued in to the following day, which is a benefit I was not expecting. 

Even though they are long and came right up to my knee, they didn’t rub and were really comfortable. On the first go, I did find them hard to put on but it was much easier the second time around.

I love the packaging; it is simple, serves the purpose and most importantly there is no plastic insight. The sock box arrived in a cardboard box not a plastic postal bag.

CEP compression socks review
No plastic here!

Worth the price?

Are they worth the price? At £45 they are at the upper end of the price range for compression socks and I can’t compare to other makes. All I can say is that I feel that they are worth the money because of how they make your calves feel. The material is soft, comfortable and doesn’t rub. You are paying for a product that has been developed by a compression technology company over nearly 20 years. Rather than by a sports company designing a pair of socks.

The socks and materials feel expensive and feel durable and if you look after them they should last you a few years. With how light my legs felt the next day, technically you don’t have to wear them for every run. You could just wear them for long or tough sessions and they will last longer that way.

Other considerations

I will be interested to see how the socks feel during the summer months, as I get quite hot on a run. So will the socks make my legs feel hot and sweaty or will the fabric technology regulate my skin temperature.

With my therapy brain I would say that the socks would make a great addition to any calf-strengthening exercises that you might be doing.

CEP compression socks review
Essential info


  • Long-length so the whole calf complex benefits from compression
  • The compression technology and materials help to prevent blisters, gives the leg muscles the optimal supply of nutrients to help legs feel light
  • Asymmetrical toe box ensures the best anatomical fit
  • The ultra precise compression thread guarantees a targeted effect
  • Improved moisture management, by promoting evaporation
  • Better thermal balance
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Increased durability
  • Easier to put on your feet

About CEP

CEP is the sports brand of Medi, which is a high-tech manufacturer in Germany. Medi have been producing high quality medical compression products since 1951. Then in 2007 the company revealed its first sock to the running community. For many in the running world they couldn’t get on board with the long sock and the price. Then a triathlete in 2007 set a new world record at the Frankfurt Ironman while wearing CEP socks. The next day CEP socks were sold out in shops. Since then CEP has earned the reputation as a high tech sports product and more product lines have been designed.

CEP – RUN SOCKS 3.0 for women | Compression sock with millimetre-precise pressure in light blue / grey, size II
  • PERFORMANCE - These long running socks optimize the blood-flow in the calf to help you on your way to peak...
  • STABILITY - The compression stockings provide proprioceptive stability to the ankles and feet for better...
CEP – RUN SOCKS 3.0 for men | Compression sock with millimetre-precise pressure in black / grey, size III
  • PERFORMANCE - These long running socks optimize the blood-flow in the calf to help you on your way to peak...
  • STABILITY - The compression stockings provide proprioceptive stability to the ankles and feet for better...

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