10 tips for running your first marathon

You’ve done the training, put the hard work in and now the time has come to actually run your first marathon! Here are our ten top tips to give you the marathon experience you deserve.
Man running over hills in ultramarathon

10 quick tips for running an ultramarathon

Ultramarathons are becoming more and more popular (and more achievable than ever). Run Deep ultra expert Helena Stroud rounds up her best quick tips to help you when taking on your first or next...
Thinking about an ultramarathon

Why ultramarathons are ultra achievable

Heard runners talking about ultramarathons and wondered if you could run one? Helena Stroud is here to tell you why they’re special, and why you should absolutely plan to run one! Bitten by the bug I...
running in a heatwave

Running in a heatwave

Admittedly, running in a heatwave is not something we often have to tackle here in the UK (although 2018 did give a few warmer-than-usual months). However, if you're heading to a warmer country, or...
combat race day nerves

How to combat race day nerves

Whether you're preparing for your first race or your 100th, feeling nervous on race day is quite normal. Some of us are more prone to nerves than others, feeling that familiar flutter of butterflies...
Pushing past marathon distance in training

Push past marathon distance in ultra training

Are you thinking about taking on your first ultra-distance race? One of the hardest parts of the training can be tackling the big distances, often on your own and outside race conditions. Helena Stroud...
Improve your running in 2019

Improve your running in 2019

Fancy making 2019 your best running year yet? No matter where you are on your running journey, there are ways that you can improve your speed, endurance, distance and stamina. Here are our top...
5 running tips for staying motivated this autumn

Stay motivated with your running in winter

With winter drawing in, it can be hard to get yourself out for those runs. The nights get darker sooner and it's cold outside. The temptation to stay on the sofa on a Netflix...