Compression leggings for running

A basic guide to compression running kit

What's so great about compression running kit? We take a look at what's available in more detail, as well as answer the top questions about compression.What is compression running kit? It’s hard to get away...


Eco-friendly sportswear brand Evveervital launches

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Dan Williams

UK ultrarunner runs Dorset coastline in under 24 hours

Dan Williams has completed his epic challenge to run the entire length of the Dorset coastline from Ware, Lyme Regis, to Chewton Bunny, Highcliffe...
FLANCI clothing range

Long-distance runner creates new colourful kit range

It’s a dream come true to be able to turn your passion into a business, but that’s something that long-distance runner Nicky Chrascina has...
Bottles of water

Plastic use at running events

Single-use plastics are big news. Over the last few years, the voice of those who believe we should be striving to recycle more, re-use...

What it’s like to run a 26-lap marathon

“I’ve signed up for another marathon,” I said, back in 2014. This came as little surprise to any of my family, who knew I...