Primrose's Kitchen

Interview: Primrose’s Kitchen

We chat to Primrose Matheson of Primrose’s Kitchen about key foods for runners and why her breakfast products are different to others on the market. Introducing Primrose's Kitchen There are so many products out there on...
Marathon training nutrition

Marathon training nutrition

We’re well into the swing of spring marathon training. Getting the miles in and staying injury-free are two important parts of the puzzle, but your nutrition is just as key. Here we look the...
Running backwards

Move forwards and run backwards

How can running backwards help you to run forwards? The question itself might sound a little absurd, but read on… Dave Mott, lead physiotherapist and managing director of Physio Fitness, shares his perspective on...
Fuelling your long runs

Fuelling your long runs as nature intended

Amelia Watts of Longhaul Endurance explains why fuelling your long runs with the right food is so important, and how to incorporate natural foods into your sports nutrition strategy. The importance of the right fuel As...
Runner stretching - Injury Tipping Point

What is your Injury Tipping Point?

There is nothing more infuriating than not being able to run due to injury, or running with a ‘niggle’ that slows you down. But what is your 'Injury Tipping Point? Dave Mott from Physio Fitness...
Healthy plate of food

Food as fuel for running

Eating and running doesn’t have to be complicated. But getting your nutrition plan right can make or break a race, yet it’s part of your race-prep that can be overlooked. Fuelling your training correctly...
Shockwave therapy illustration

Shockwave Therapy for runners

Our regular physio Dave Mott explains to us how shockwave therapy can help with recurrent runners’ injuries. How can Shockwave Therapy help runners? We have some 'shocking' news for runners! 82% of runners will get injured...
Running illustration

How running changed my life

Runner Karen Russell shares a very honest account of how running changed her life. She tackles the sensitive issue of self-harming following a difficult childhood. It’s an ongoing battle, but one where running has...
Running after having a baby

Running after having a baby

Getting back to running after having a baby can be difficult. Katherine Perrin of Brighton & Hove Women's Running Club tells us about her experience of postpartum running. The first run I didn't have the birth...
Better running technique

Avoid injury and improve your running

We speak to Chris from RunTeach, who explores how his own running journey has enabled him to help others to avoid injury and meet their running targets.  My personal journey The rain was hammering on the...

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