Donnie Campbell

Interview: Donnie Campbell

When you’ve already run 7,000 metres up 18 different mountains, your stomach is empty from intense vomiting and you feel like your foot is being stabbed with a roasting hot iron, you might think...
Primrose's Kitchen

Interview: Primrose’s Kitchen

We chat to Primrose Matheson of Primrose’s Kitchen about key foods for runners and why her breakfast products are different to others on the market.Introducing Primrose's Kitchen There are so many products out there on...
Allie Bailey running

An interview with Allie Bailey

Allie Bailey runs a really, really long way. For fun. In early 2018 she went to Mongolia, where she was the first woman to run across a frozen lake. Since then, she has taken...
Masha Torabi - running in Iran

Running in Iran: Mahsa Torabi

In Iran, there are a mind-boggling number of obstacles to women being able to run. But that didn’t put off Mahsa Torabi, who in 2016 became the first-ever woman to run a marathon in...
An interview with Jenny Tough

An interview with Jenny Tough

Jenny Tough lives up to her name. She is an adventurer, writer, speaker and filmmaker with a thirst for a challenge and not afraid to throw herself into epic environments.She has travelled six continents...

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Runners of the Jurassic Coast

Be a Jurassic Coast fundraiser!

This September sees the launch of a brand-new running event on Dorset’s stunning Jurassic Coast. Run Jurassic is a new running weekend designed for...