Allie Bailey running

An interview with Allie Bailey

Allie Bailey runs a really, really long way. For fun. In early 2018 she went to Mongolia, where she was the first woman to run across a frozen lake. Since then, she has taken...
Masha Torabi - running in Iran

Running in Iran: Mahsa Torabi

In Iran, there are a mind-boggling number of obstacles to women being able to run. But that didn’t put off Mahsa Torabi, who in 2016 became the first-ever woman to run a marathon in...
An interview with Jenny Tough

An interview with Jenny Tough

Jenny Tough lives up to her name. She is an adventurer, writer, speaker and filmmaker with a thirst for a challenge and not afraid to throw herself into epic environments.She has travelled six continents...

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Runners Rub

Runners Rub

For all the positives of running, there are the inevitable downsides and ‘side effects’ of the sport. One of which is chafing (a runners'...