Can you fuel a long run with biscuits?


Now, you can’t accuse us of never answering the really big questions in running! Can you fuel a long run with biscuits? That’s the sort of thing we really need to know the answer too. 

We’re not talking about any old biscuit, of course. Chances are the humble Digestive might fill a hole, and maybe even a craving, but it’s not going to fuel you for long. And, honestly, you’re more likely to be carrying a bag of crumbs after the first mile or two…

No, the biscuit that we put to the test as a potential option for genuine running fuel is from the Great British Biscotti Company. Being double-baked, there is less chance of crumbling, even when tightly packed in a backpack. They are also calorie dense, so they deliver lots of energy in a small biscuit.

We already know that they are great for dunkability (it’s a word… and it’s also the top criteria when picking biscuits, surely?. But would they be any good as fuel for long runs? Only one way to find out… we sent a few samples to a couple of runners and asked for their honest feedback.

Runner 1: Ian Shearer

I’ve never written a review before. But I have eaten a lot of biscuits… and due to being in lockdown for the last few weeks, I’ve eaten quite a lot of biscuits. Sadly, this doesn’t make me an expert, but it does make me a bit of a fatty. (According to my wife).

I decided to try these out during my first long run for a while after picking up an injury at the end of March. These biscuits come in 36g packets and they’re fairly calorie dense at about 176kcal and 22g of carbohydrates per pack (assuming my maths is right). I was sent three flavours: Simply Almond, White Chocolate, Cranberries and Pistachio and Chunky Belgian Chocolate.

Long run biscuits

I went with the Almond flavour, and cracked it open at about 14 miles into a 20-mile run. These biscuits are twice baked, and after 14 miles of travel in my race vest they’d started to crumble a little. This didn’t affect the flavour though and I found it was quite tasty. I expected it to be fairly dry, but it went down well with a few sips of water. The size of the biscuit made eating it while running easy and I finished the run feeling energetic. Or as energetic as anyone can feel after running 20 miles.

So, my verdict: really easy to carry, tasty and calorie dense. All that’s required now is an easy-to-run with latte!

Runner 2: Zoe Dunne

Long run with biscottiI’m lucky enough to not only have free biscuit snacks, but to live in deepest darkest Dorset. Without contravening any lockdown rules, I can still reach rural running from my front door. Everyone who knows me is very grateful for this fact, as trapping me indoors wouldn’t be safe for anyone and it would take a damn lot more than Biscotti to stop me rocking in the corner!

Generally I do eat real food on a run rather than gels, so the idea of forgoing my standard stroop waffle for a biscuit wasn’t too far a stretch.

I discovered a few things about this special local Biscotti (because I track my food and macros):

  • It’s actually pretty good on calories; in fact, 1 decent White Star Running style hill should be sufficient to burn it off
  • It’s ratio split is favourable, with a mix of complex and simple carbs, plus a little bit of protein
  • It tastes pretty darn good (and this is a ‘statement’ – as a rule I don’t like Biscotti)
  • It makes an amazing crunchy noise inside your ears if you’re wearing earpods

The only negatives I found were:

  • It contains Xanthum Gum, so don’t share it with your dog
  • Trying to eat it from inside the wrapper so your dirty hands don’t touch the biscuit requires practise. It’s a talent I’m willing to master and luckily I have another packet!

So, can you fuel a long run with biscuits?

According to our very accurate and scientific testing (okay, maybe not, but runners know best, right?), yes you can indeed! These Biscotti are Dorset born and baked, come in a choice of sweet and savoury flavours, and taste pretty good too!

If you’re looking for some real food running fuel, they could be a great option. Worth a try anyway… if they don’t work on your run, they’ll definitely compliment your post-run cuppa!

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