Break records with new fitness technology

Airofit device being used

Looking for an edge in your running? Maybe the key to finding your next level is through training your breath to perform at its optimum levels. In this guest post, Sarah Bregnhardt talks about Airofit, an innovative new training system and its benefits for athletes.

The breath effect

Whether your goal is to optimise your workout performance, or you want to break records, your breath is the secret key that unlocks your hidden potential. Conscious breathing and breath control are generally not a part of people’s fitness regimes. And yet, the indisputable test results and science behind the unique Airofit training system shows you why it should be.

Most leisure athletes, high-level fitness enthusiasts or competitive athletes have experienced ‘hitting the wall’ in training sessions; come to a point where their physical progress stagnates; or are finding that improvement comes at a very slow pace. The natural impulse is to push harder, which leads to more fatigue and frustration, spiraling people directly into a vicious circle that proves very difficult to break.

Case study

Danish track cyclist Amalie Winther Olsen was continuously placing 4th or 5th in races and couldn’t penetrate the invisible barrier keeping her from bettering her results. Slightly skeptical, she began to use Airofit and its breath exercise programs alongside her regular training practice.

Even after just four weeks, the positive development was noticeable: she increased her maximum speed from 60km/hr to 67 km/hr, leading her straight into 1st place and winning the title of National Champion.

Amalie Winther Olsen is just one out of numerous competitive and leisure athletes who have tested the Airofit device and harvested new physical and mental skills – and racked up medals! Clinical trial studies have proven it possible to reach an impressive performance improvement of up to 15% with Airofit.

The device

With this pocket-size gadget, sportspeople at all levels can now, one breath at the time, move to the next defining stage of their own personal journey.

A powerful medical invention, Airofit is a small mouthpiece device connected to an app, which guides and monitors breathing patterns, making the training sessions an engaging and visual experience.

Athletes get direct intelligent feedback from their breathing training data. Additionally, health professionals or sports coaches can access the valuable information as part of an overall training or rehabilitation plan.

After selecting a program and placing the Airofit device in the mouth, the user receives precise instructions, and the breathing is being directed by a cursor reflecting the amount of air being in- and exhaled and how it is distributed. The session is fun, captivating and addictive.

Airofit device

Training with Airofit

The individual training programs build on different breathing techniques, which produces very specific outcomes; from accelerating instant performance results to motivating essential restorative relaxation.

The programs are designed to complement each other making it possible to focus attention on one program at a time, or to work on several programs interchangeably.

The gamification element – the fact that you can work toward higher scores and challenge yourself with more resistance or endurance in the programs – is a great motivational factor for Airofit’s users to keep up their training with the device. The response is instant; you can see that your effort pays off.

The mouthpiece itself is a further development of a much simpler, but thoroughly tested, version originally manufactured for asthma patients and people suffering from various lung diseases. The patent was purchased from the healthcare company Ambu, and soon after the vision of a tech-based breathing training system became a reality.

The breath of life

Shallow breathing, hyperventilation or momentarily stopped breathing have one thing in common: they seriously compromise our health in many ways. The human body needs sufficient amounts of oxygenated blood to function properly, and both our physical and our mental wellbeing depend on it.

Our body is composed of trillions of cells, and without oxygen cells die. Airofit’s training tool increases vital lung capacity, which supports the oxygen transport athletes need to function at its very best. In a high-pulse training session, having great respiratory strength is crucial and boosts the efficiency of the workout immensely with less energy spent on the in- and exhale of air.

On a psychological level, deep breathing has a calming effect on the psyche and supports feelings of focus and confidence, whereas a rapid and shallow breath can trigger anxiety, lightheadedness and overall discomfort.

From mastering breath retention to slash the lactic acid buildup – which causes cramps and muscle fatigue – to the practise of deep belly breathing for optimal performance preparation, stress reduction and faster recovery, Airofit’s training solution will literally breathe new life into any competitive sport or workout practice.

Airofit runners

Proven results

Athletes training with Airofit get astounding results even from short five-minute sessions twice a day, proving that the device can nothing less than revolutionise athlete’s physical capabilities.

Breathing techniques have been passed down through the ages, but paired with the scientific knowledge, Airofit’s leading-edge technology is based on, the ancient wisdom of conscious breathing is now leveled-up and catapulted into the 21st century.

Airofit will be available from August 2019 at an RRP of €249