Book: The Runner’s Nuts

David Berridge

Ultrarunner David Berridge’s second book looks at why an ordinary bloke chooses to take on extraordinary challenges. Runner Rachel McGrath gives us her review.

No-nonsense guide

The Runners Nuts: Tales of Tenacity and Training! is a no-nonsense guide to ultramarathon racing, and how to avoid getting too comfortable at comfort stops. Armed with Rolo sweets and incredible tenacity, this is an inspiring read on how to get through the difficult mileages.

The chapters of the book are a guide to some of the most formidable global races, with anecdotal tales of the narrator’s personal experience, achievements and challenges.

Despite David’s 19 years+ experience of running extreme races, he still gets appetite loss prior to a race. Once, as a prison officer he had to endure the after effects of smoke inhalation due to a fire breakout, which impacted on his Siberian ultramarathon.

Detailed advice

The book is jam-packed with handy hints, tips and observations for preparing for some of the toughest running challenges in the world and how to manage disappointment. Later chapters deal with training, learning and having the mindset to compete, plus a bit of running philosophy for endurance distances.

After all these years, David still feels as nervous and intimidated as anyone does at the start of the race, but his passion for the sport and his encouragement to others wins through in this book. As he quite rightfully points out, running is a sport for the ‘everyman’ and with a bit of discipline, mental toughness and training, we can all be challenged to take ourselves to that next level of extreme running adventures.

This is a recommended read for everyone who has considered doing an ultramarathon, but thinks it’s outside of their capabilities. I’m certainly convinced. This book should come with a warning: life may never be the same again when you’ve picked up the ultra-running bug.


The Runner's Nuts book cover

Rachel McGrath lives in Northampton, has completed 50 races and volunteers for a local group.

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