Friday, January 14, 2022
Spartan Race

Sarah Martin-Crake

Marathon training nutrition

We’re well into the swing of spring marathon training. Getting the miles in and staying injury-free are two important parts of the puzzle, but your nutrition is just as key. Here we look the basics of how to fuel...

Food as fuel for running

Eating and running doesn’t have to be complicated. But getting your nutrition plan right can make or break a race, yet it’s part of your race-prep that can be overlooked. Fuelling your training correctly can help you get the...

Hydration advice for runners

What you drink can have a huge impact on your running. Drinking isn’t a difficult thing to do, but getting it right can be tricky, and getting it wrong can be dangerous. So, what should you drink and how...

About Me

Sarah's a dietitian and sports nutritionist, with years of clinical experience in the NHS and her Dorset-based private practice. Sarah has a passion for running, swimming, the great outdoors and cheese.
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