Friday, January 14, 2022
Spartan Race

Helena Stroud

Profile: Virginia Pawlyn

Some people get into running when they’re at school. Some don’t get the bug until they’re in their 30s or 40s. For Virginia Pawlyn, it was a little later than that – she started running when she was 66...

10 quick tips for running an ultramarathon

Ultramarathons are becoming more and more popular (and more achievable than ever). Run Deep ultra expert Helena Stroud rounds up her best quick tips to help you when taking on your first or next ultra-distance event. 1. Start slow, get...

Why ultramarathons are ultra achievable

Heard runners talking about ultramarathons and wondered if you could run one? Helena Stroud is here to tell you why they’re special, and why you should absolutely plan to run one! Bitten by the bug I got into running in 2014,...

The appeal of lapped races

A lapped race is one that consists of multiple laps of a short-ish course, rather than the course being one big loop, a point-to-point, or an out-and-back. There is often a very generous time limit, such as 8, 12...

Running in Iran: Mahsa Torabi

In Iran, there are a mind-boggling number of obstacles to women being able to run. But that didn’t put off Mahsa Torabi, who in 2016 became the first-ever woman to run a marathon in Iran. Although women were officially...

Push past marathon distance in ultra training

Are you thinking about taking on your first ultra-distance race? One of the hardest parts of the training can be tackling the big distances, often on your own and outside race conditions. Helena Stroud gives her insight into how...

About Me

Helena is the social media manager for Run Deep and also one of our regular contributors. She has taken part in some of the UK’s toughest ultras and has recently started her personal blog site, which looks at the mental and emotional side of endurance running.
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