Friday, July 10, 2020
Spartan Race

Allie Collins

Could you join the 100 Marathon Club?

Running one marathon is enough of an achievement for many people, but for a select bunch it’s not quite enough. Meet the runners who haven’t just run one marathon, they’ve run over 100… Introducing the 100 Marathon Club For any first-timers...

The popularity of the half-marathon

There has never been more choice or more participation when it comes to the half-marathon. We take a look at why it’s no longer ‘just a half’… Half-marathon participation levels are booming, and the trend shows no sign of slowing...

Plastic use at running events

Single-use plastics are big news. Over the last few years, the voice of those who believe we should be striving to recycle more, re-use more and throw less plastic away has become ever louder. In 2017, the BBC’s breathtaking...

About Me

Allie is a freelance editor and writer. She is also a member of Ealing Eagles Running Club in West London. Allie can be contacted for freelance writing and editorial work.
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