5 fun ways to reboot your running mojo


Losing your running mojo, or being in a running slump, can happen to any runner from time to time. Even the professionals suffer from dips in motivation and energy. Below I have five ways to help you reboot your running mojo.

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We runners will lose our running mojo from time to time. The loss of mojo can just happen, or it can be caused by something. Sometimes the loss can occur after you’ve reached a certain goal. Or maybe your runs have become monotonous with distance or routes. A loss of mojo can also be a sign of tiredness, boredom or overtraining.

If this sounds like you, well do not fear as you’re not alone! Which is why I’ve come up with 5 fun ways to help you regain your mojo.

Have a rest

If you’ve lost your mojo, the first thing I’d suggest is to take a rest day or two. A good rest will help to recharge your mojo, especially if you think you’ve been overtraining. Rest is just as important as training, as it gives the body time to repair. To build strength and adapt to your training load. You can use these rest days to plan the next four ideas that I have below.

5 fun ways to re discover your running mojo
My hubby knows the importance of rest!

You’ve got a friend

Sometimes all you need is to go for a run with a friend or two, as friends make running super fun. You can chat about anything and everything, and have a laugh as you plod along on a run. When you run with others you forget about pace and distance. And friends will either push you or help you to relax when running together.

I often find that when my mojo is a bit low, I either message a friend for a run or turn up at the next club night. By doing so I always feel so much better afterwards. I feel energised by the social aspect of running with others.

5 fun ways to re discover your running mojo
Racing with Jennie and Kathy – a cure for lost mojo!

Find a new route to run

Running on a new route can assist with improving your running mojo because it’s new and exciting. You’re also concentrating on the new route and where you are going, which means you’re not focusing on time and pace.

New routes can be discovered on Strava or studying an old-fashioned OS map. Maybe ask your fellow running or walking friends for ideas. You could even find a race that you like the look of and use the route map on their website.

5 fun ways to re discover your running mojo
Have fun with route planning

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Leave your watch at home

Running without a watch can be scary… as the saying goes ‘If it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen’. I’ll be honest and say it is scary and weird to not have a watch to look at. But running without a watch can be liberating and will give you freedom. If you really do want to record your run, you could use your watch and put it in your pocket or running belt.

When you run watch-less it gives you freedom to run to how you feel, rather than clock watching your pace. When you’re always clock watching or worried about your pace, this can negatively impact your mojo. If you’re below the pace you wish to run at, you may start to panic or get frustrated and lose the joy of running.

5 fun ways to re discover your running mojo
Leave the watch at home!

New goal

Setting yourself a new goal is a great way to boost your mojo. It will help you to get out and enjoy running again. A new goal can give you focus and something to get excited about. This doesn’t have to be a race; it could be a challenge. Such as running every day for seven days, or trying a new parkrun, or running a certain distance in a month.

5 fun ways to re discover your running mojo
Time for a new aim – set some running goals

These are my 5 ways that help me to recharge my mojo when I’ve lost it. We’d love to hear about what you do when you need to reboot your running energy and refind the love. Leave a comment below with your top tips!

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay