100 miles for a 100 black lives – running racism out of town

100 miles in a week

A lot has happened over the last few months. Aigbs Ohiwerei (aka the_marathon_rummer) shares his lockdown running story, and why he chose to run 100 miles in 7 days in remembrance of 100 plus black lives lost unjustly. He also has a powerful message to the running community. 

Why I wanted to run 100 miles in a week

What a strange few months. Coronavirus, lockdown and the sad and brutal killing of George Floyd. I could not bring myself to watch the George Floyd video. I’d had enough. I had run out of compartments and was unable to compartmentalise yet another black life being prematurely cut short because of racial discrimination and police brutality.

At the start of this month I set myself a goal to run 100 miles over a 7 day period in remembrance of 100 plus black lives that have been sadly ended as a result of police brutality across the globe.

Running 100 miles in 7 days was tough, and it was the most I had run in a 7-day period. It was painful, it was very emotional and I almost came to tears on occasions during my runs while reflecting on these killings. The sorrow felt by the families who had been left behind; and the prejudice, inequalities and brutalisation experienced by black people in the UK and in America because of the colour of their skin.

100 miles in 7 days

What can we learn?

Dear World, this injustice must stop. My fellow runners, racism is a parasite on humanity. It cheats humanity on reaching its full potential. We need to stand up against racism and run it out of town! We can all make a difference and we must all make a difference. It is no longer enough to be non-racist; you need to be anti-racist.

We need to speak up and speak out on racism. We must challenge the prejudice that plagues humanity.

We need to take the knee of racism off the neck of humanity; we need to help humanity breathe.

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Main image by tookapic from Pixabay